Property Investment Tips: Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

As a property investor it is almost certain you will live your life with superficial debt. We say superficial debt because the money you borrow, while technically a debt, is being used to generate income, making it an investment. True debt is money you owe against personal expenses from which you are not generating an income.

Debt consolidation is the catch-all term for any money you owe being grouped into a single loan. And the reason why that is a good idea is because one notable loan reads better on your credit history than a myriad of smaller loans and a good credit history is an essential tool for the active property investor.

We can help you consolidate your debt so you have a solid foundation on which to build your investment property empire.

It is also true that loans that are not supported by property, such as a mortgage, usually attract a higher interest rate. Store cards, credit cards, car loans, holiday loans or loans for anything other than property always charge a much higher interest rate because of the lack of security over the loan. At BIG Property Investments we work towards unifying all loans under the banner of property investment with a view to reducing all unnecessary expenses.