Growth properties

There are only two ways to make money from property. The first is when rental return exceeds mortgage repayments and that means the property is cashflow positive and the second is when the value of the property rises. Perceived wisdom has it that the value of a property doubles every seven years. Recent events might have extended that period to 10 years, but there's little doubt that if you hold on to any property long enough it will increase in value. These are called capital growth properties and, really, should apply to almost any property, provided it doesn't get swallowed by a sinkhole, carried away by a crumbling cliff or washed away by rising sea levels.

Fortunately, such events are almost non-existent in Australia, but at BIG Property Investments we think investors shouldn't have to wait to see the values of their investments rise. For that reason we not only target cashflow positive properties but also capital growth properties. An almost foolproof methodology used by BIG Property Investment is to invite investors in at the earliest possible stage because the earlier in a development that an investor arrives, the greater the growth of their property will be once it is built. The simple reason is because a finished property is almost always worth considerably more than a property on a plan. By ensuring its investors are matched with capital growth properties as well as cashflow positive properties, BIG Property Investments does everything in its power to ensure its investors get a double whammy for their investments.

An important element in securing growth value for a property is to ensure the property remains in demand. The strategy to achieve that is where BIG Property Investment shines by ensuring it invests only in properties in areas where demand is highly unlikely to diminish and is almost certainly destined to grow. Existing populations and existing area activities as well as projected growth and projected investment activity are all taken into account when formulating any investing strategy for BIG Property Investments and our fellow travellers.