How we work

BIG Property Investments is the one stop shop for creating wealth through property.

We handle every part of the property investment process from the initial concept through finance, construction and even property management.

It helps to think of all of BIG’s clients as integral elements of an unofficial buyers' group.

Through our trusted network of land owners and developers, we are able to negotiate a lower price on land by allowing a developer to sell many blocks and deal mainly with one contact (Director, Paul Bieg). We do not take options on the blocks or seek to make any money from the sale and simply pass the discounted land price onto our clients. These discounts are not achievable when buying blocks of land on an individual basis.

We work with some of Australia’s top builders and have been instrumental in using new building materials and designs. Similar to the discounts achieved when buying multiple blocks of land. We construct multiple properties on each project and, as a result, receive substantial discounts on the build price.

For example - ask any builder what the cost is to build one property then ask how much discount you would receive if you were to build three – you may be surprised by the answer. Now imagine the discounted pricing we achieve by building 30, 50 or 100 properties!

Once again, we pass on this discount price to our clients and include a project management fee in the build. That means the builder pays us so there is no cost to our clients. The project management fee is similar to what you might pay a buyers' advocate. However, a buyers' advocate (although in some cases very useful) is not able to provide you with the bulk purchase discount you will enjoy with BIG Property Investments.

Buyers Agents

We understand that although we offer a wide and diverse rage of quality investment options we cannot cater to all of our clients and savvy investors.

As such we also off a Buyer’s Agency service – read more HERE.

 Buyers Agent of ther Year !!! 

Property investors across the country recently had their say on the ultimate property A-team and revealed the industry’s most trusted professionals, with Big Property Investments coming out on top!

WHICH Investment Property, one of Australia's leading online property and investment content providers, has surveyed over 7,000 of its subscribers and has named BIG Property Investments Buyers Agent of The Year 2015.

We would like to thank our amazing clients, staff and all of the builders and developers that we have had the privilege of working with over the past 12 months for making this possible.

Andy Scott, publisher of Smart Property Investment, the awards’ media partner, congratulated the team at Big Property Investment and said the volume of votes received for the awards made it clear that assembling a team of trusted professionals is vital for any successful investor.

“With the increased complexity of wealth creation, a property market in a state of flux and ever more demands on investors’ time, these awards will help new and seasoned investors to identify those businesses which have impressed other property buyers and helped them build successful portfolios,”

“People looking to invest in property often require experienced professionals and many look to other investors for advice. An Investors Choice Award is the highest form of praise and is a ringing endorsement from investors who have already experienced the ups and downs of the market and have come out on top.”