Investment Finance

Looking to fund an investment project - or just to access equity? 

The ability to borrow money to facilitate proper and sensible property investment is crucial to the success of the investor.

Matching the investor with the right lender is a harrowing task for the beginner. Some lenders are happy to lend to investors while others prefer to lend to owner-occupiers of properties and the rates they charge reflect that preference.

Crucially, we know which lenders prefer which type of borrower and are keen to match your need with the lender's preference for the benefit of both parties. At BIG Property Investments we have developed relationships with lenders and we now know which lender will suit a particular investor. Removing the anxiety and lowering the barriers to the most competitive rate in town is just one of the ways in which we help our investors grow their wealth.

Access to investment funds is one of the most important elements of any property investment strategy. After identifying a thoroughly researched investment opportunity, the ability to borrow in order to participate in that opportunity is the next most important step in the process of growing your wealth. 

At BIG Property Investments we not only base all our investment advice on our meticulous research, but we go the extra distance to enable our investment partners to join us, by putting our partners in touch with the "best-match" lenders we have access to, lenders with whom we have already worked, lenders we know will respect our projects and the partners who join us.

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