Why Toowoomba ? Why a duplex?

Slowly, the rest of the country is waking up to what BIG Property Investment and its fellow investors have known for years – that the best property markets for investors are not in the big population centres of Melbourne and Sydney, but in regional locations blessed with multiple economic activities. And right now, juiciest of those regional centres is the Queensland city of Toowoomba.

The criteria for such a claim is not based on nefarious elements such as proximity to coffee shops or sandy beaches, as nice as both those things are, but on totally hard-nosed yardsticks such as outstanding growth and the eminently believable promise of more growth to come. On both those criteria, Toowoomba comes top of the class because the city not only delivered outstanding growth last year, but has the credentials to keep on doing it.

Boasting one of the nation’s most vibrant local economies, it’s hardly surprising to learn Toowoomba also has one of the country’s lowest unemployment rates. And that combination is sweet music to the ears of property investors. As any government worth voting for knows, the key to growth and sustainability is infrastructure development that gives truth to the chant of build it and they will come.

You can download the full due diligence report here

The affordability factor of Toowoomba, combined to its above-average rental yields is given an unbreakable foundation with the massive infrastructure spend currently under way.

All these factors have helped bake an investment cake that is already proving irresistible and should, for any savvy investor, become compulsory once you factor in the resources activity consuming the Surat Basin.

As any BIG Property Investment partner knows, I have long championed this part of the world for exactly the reasons stated above. However a question I have been asked with dismal frequency is what would happen, what would it mean, if all this activity suddenly stopped? Well, you know what I would say because I’ve said it time and again, so this time I’m going to let someone who has no interest in BIG Property Investment, answer.

One of the highest regarded property experts in Australia who had this to say when faced with just that question.

“If all that activity suddenly stopped, would the location still be a good investment?"

“In the case of Toowoomba, this means if all the coal seam gas and related activity stopped tomorrow, would Toowoomba still be a good buy?

“The answer, unequivocally, is yes!”

You can download the full due diligence report here

He then went on to spell out his rationale. That Toowoomba has long been an important regional centre and, as Queensland’s largest inland city, it has that most important of ingredients, economic diversity – including agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, health and community services, construction and government administration.

He then goes to lay out the evidence for his claims, evidence with which BIG Property Investment partners are totally familiar but which I’m always happy to provide whenever anyone needs any reassurance.

Affordability with houses in the high twos or low threes, apartments in the mid twos, vacancies consistently low, exceptional capital growth in the past 12 months with some of its suburbs achieving a staggering 18%. And, most importantly, the prospects for ongoing growth are strong thanks to the twin blessings of infrastructure spend and resource activity.

Some of the “coming attractions” identified by this undisputed property expert include The Wellcamp Airport, massive investment in roads, plans for two major new rail links, a $300 million convention centre and the upgrades to medical facilities including Toowoomba Hospital.

You can download the full due diligence report here

But do you want to know the best news of all? Toowoomba is not the only perfect property investment location identified by BIG, so please contact us for information on our other projects. Alternativly click HERE to view them all.


However if Toowoomba is the location you would like to purchase you next investment let me tell you briefly about the package that BIG has put together – and it’s a duplex!


Stage 3 of the Sanctuary Rise Estate has just started construction and BIG has secured some of the best priced duplex capable blocks in the estate exclusively for our clients.


These HUGE modern, sophisticated 3 bedroom 2 bathroom units have a large, open plan living area with separate dining area, large outdoor entertaining area with double lock up garage, are 15m2 larger than most other units on the market. Estimated value on completion is $355,000 per side.


Based on current rental and sales appraisals this project could see you earn a healthy 6.7% return*, or alternatively, sell the project on completion and make over $130,000* in development profit and move onto your next project.

SPECIAL "BIG" OFFER - included in the turn key price will be:

Stamp duty $5,000

Legals $1,500

Depreciation report $500

Headowrks $25,000




That’s right – the $35,000+ you normally need to fund (out of your pocket) to title these properties is included in the package price. This is unheard of and only possible due to BIG’s experience in these types of developments.


You can download the full due diligence report here


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